Mark Tobin

Mark Tobin

Vice President, Global Lead – Contingent Workforce, Solution Design & Implementation

Mark is part of the leadership team of our Global Professional Services Organisation (PSO) which is the solution design, implementation and enablement function that supports our clients in executing their Talent Supply Chain Strategy. The PSO comprises dedicated and tenured specialists in the areas of Solution Architecture, Implementation Leadership and Solution Enablement.

Mark is specifically responsible for the worldwide design and implementation of our Contingent Workforce Solutions, heading teams of Solution Architects and Implementation Leads, based in EMEA, Americas & APAC and harnessing a wide and deep spectrum of geographic and industry expertise to drive real and sustainable client value.

Mark joined Kelly in 2003 and is an expert on the Contingent Workforce. He has spent the last 9 years in leadership roles covering Operational Management, Implementation & Solution Design and has made a significant personal contribution to our largest and most successful client programs.

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