High-Profile Event, High-Touch Recruitment Support

In preparation for a major global sporting event, KellyOCG helps organizing committee overcome massive talent and skill shortages to fulfill thousands of short-term assignments.

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Imagine building a short-term workforce of thousands of people in a market with a 1% unemployment rate. Up to 91% of that workforce would need to relocate from other markets, due to an extreme shortage of skilled labor in the region. The employees would need to speak both Russian and English—skills that less than 6% of the local population possessed. Imagine acquiring this talent under an uncompromising timeframe, for one of the largest and most-watched winter sporting events in the world. Sound impossible? We achieved it.

As organizers prepared for the massive upcoming event in Sochi, Russia, they had a clear and ambitious strategy in mind. They wanted the event to be the most innovative of its kind—and they knew achieving that goal required cutting-edge recruitment methodologies. So, they turned to KellyOCG for help.

The Challenge

With an incredibly low local unemployment rate and lack of skilled talent, event organizers were struggling to attract and hire the necessary labor for a major global sporting event.

The Company

The organizing committee for one of the world’s largest and most watched sporting events in Sochi, Russia.

The Solution

The end-to-end recruitment strategy included creative brand marketing, highly scalable recruitment support, and full outplacement services.

The Result

KellyOCG became the lead direct hire staffing supplier for this global event, ultimately delivering scalable recruitment resources, a mass amount of quality talent, and overall cost savings.

The Value

  • Creative out-of-the-box branding and messaging
  • 360-degree short-term candidate management
  • Unique focus on scalability and agility
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